Who are we?
Founded in 1999, Westside International Ltd is a dynamic UK based technology company that sets new standards within the industrial marketplace. Westside International consists of two main business groups. The first is Westside Marketing that specialises in providing modern business services to industry and the second is ROSAHL which specialises in the distribution of polymer electrolytic dehumidifiers to the European marketplace.

From our offices in England and Germany, we provide an informed hands-on approach in both our business areas that is a major benefit to customers who require an understanding of their business and markets without wasting time and money explaining their requirements.

Our goal and mission
Our company goal is to be a no fuss organisation that is on the pulse of industry and business requirements now and also in the future. Our mission is by mutual understanding help in the success and development our customers businesses by offering them value for money products and services.

Our company motto
You tell us your requirements, we listen, we understand, and then provide you with a performance service that is second to none.

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