Taking the time to care

Westside Internationals Business Services division is divided into 5 main areas, these being:

Marketing Services

The Marketing services department provides a full range of communication services, from individual tactical elements to complete strategies. We offer a range of modern marketing tools such as:

  • Brochures

  • Public Relations and Press Releases

  • Marketing Consultancy and Research

  • Design and print

  • Advertising

  • Direct Mail

  • Database Management

  • Exhibition Co-ordination

  • Promotions and Campaigns

  • New Media

  • All in a variety of styles and languages to suit your individual need.

Technical PR

For us Technical PR is a special field that needs specialised and competent staff. Our Technical PR department consists of experts who are trained in IT, engineering and electronics. Our technical team are specialists in fields such as Industrial Automation, Software engineering and Process Control.

Whatever your technical product our engineers will be able to highlight its features and benefits, and write copy that is suitable for both trade and normal press. Utilising our specialist technical PR team takes away the stress of briefing agencies, and guarantees a perfect result with minimum fuss.

Language Adaptation

Globalisation, technical transfer and the European Market have made languages an important tool in a flexible marketplace. In a successful international Marketing strategy one to one translations are simply not enough. Mere translations loose the dynamic abilities of language. PR, advertisement and other services live on the impact of a precise and accurate message.

Subliminal messages must be recognised and adapted. We consider cultural and linguistic differences when transforming any text into almost any language. We do not just translate a text, we also do the fine-tuning of the copy, so that your message will be the same in any country you choose. Our international staff is trained to recognise cultural and linguistic peculiarities, so that your clear and strong message stays and reaches the European marketplace.

Creative Design and Photography

As a turn-key agency we believe it is important to deliver a complete product package. Photography is part of our concept for successful marketing. The right picture doubles the impact of your PR-piece or advertisement.

With a staff of professional photographers we are able to provide you with a successful strategy that covers the visual aspects of Marketing and Communications, helping you to choose the right image for your requirements.

Our photographers can go to site and adapt visualisation to your special demands or offer you the appropriate image from our stock. With their innovative and visual thinking they provide you with creative ideas to help you find the image you need.

Business Consultancy

Occasionally our clients are completely new to a country or marketplace, and need help in finding information, market knowledge, routes and customers. As well as conventional Marketing, Westside International offers a range of product services to aid in this complex transition process.

Using our vast range of contacts and unique knowledge of how business is conducted in various countries and marketplaces, we will help our clients with construction of market research, business plans, find suitable routes to market, produce and/or translate all commercial and promotional activities and even locate suitable local staff to ensure their endeavour is successful.

Our objective is to make it easy for our customers to expand their businesses, and to provide them with a one stop shop for their entire world-wide commercial and marketing needs.