June 2007: A radical new approach to humidity
Moisture and humidity have always been a problem for engineers, be it inside cabinets, buildings or simple storage areas, with moisture ingress costing millions of pounds each year in damageand preventative methods.

To help in this never ceasing battle, a radical new approach was needed andROSAHL have come up with the near perfect solution to small area
dehumidification problems – a range that includes the world’s smallest dehumidifier at only 72 x 169 x 35mm. For further information please contact information@westside-int.com .

April 2006: Westside International Releases Europe's smallest Dehumidifier
Being only 31mm wide, 26mm tall and 6 mm wide the incredibly small MDL-1 is the world's smallest dehumidifier by far.

This little dehumidifier is perfect for removing moisture from very small applications where conventional dehumidifying technologies are far too large.

Being able to extract up to 0.2 grammes of water per day this silent and environmentally friendly low energy model (only needs 2 Watts) has no moving parts to wear out, needs no emptying as the humidity is extracted and discharged from the enclosure as gas, and is extremely reliable as it has no moving parts. For further information please contact information@westside-int.com .

March 2006: ROSAHL brings new dimension to European Dehumidification marketplace
Westside International the exclusive distributor for ROSAHL products are setting the pace for new dehumidification possibilities.

With the release in Europe of the MDL component range dehumidification has entered a new dimension. No longer do people have to put up with noisy and energy consuming dehumidification as the new compact ROSAHL MDL range takes full advantage of its unique operating ability to provide a dehumidification system that is extremely low powered, needs no emptying and is completely silent.

Requiring no emptying the exciting ROSAHL range simply absorbs moisture from an enclosed area, decomposes the elements of water into its chemical elements and then passes them through the unique polymer membrane to be discharged on the other side as gas molecules. For further information on this ground breaking product please contact information@westside-int.com .

MARCH 2006: Westside International appointed as exclusive European Distributor
Westside International has been appointed as the exclusive European distributor for the innovative range of dehumidifier products called ROSAHL. Developed and made by a leading technology company in the far-east ROSAHL products are a breath of fresh air to an industry that has seen no real development in the last 20 years.

These radically new products offer a host of new application possibilities due to their minute size and their zero maintenance functionality. For further information on this ground breaking product please contact information@westside-int.com