ROSAHL Products

ROSAHL is a new technology that resolves all the problems associated with traditional dehumidification when applied to small volumes and specialist applications.

Implementing traditional dehumidifying solutions has many considerations, such as size, weight, disposal of condensed water, noise, high power consumption and limited life expectancy.  Absorbent gels need renewing or replacement.  With ROSAHL solid-state dehumidifiers these problems are removed. 

Developed by one of Japan’s leading technology companies, this unique product removes moisture from the air in electrical cabinets, display cabinet and other enclosure.  ROSAHL is a permeable membrane that is fitted to the side of the enclosure.  When a low voltage electrical source is applied, moisture moves through the membrane and is expelled to the outside: it acts like an ionic pump. 

ROSAHL ionic membrane dehumidifiers are very small; light; require no maintenance; completely silent; use very little power and have no moving parts to wear out or be replaced.  Powered from a 3V dc source, they are available in a range of sizes to suit enclosures up to 8m³.  The smallest version fits in M12 screw-in mount and is only 11mm deep.




  • Noise and vibration free for applications where quiet running is important
  • Very low power consumption saves energy
  • Compact construction for drying even the smallest enclosures
  • Maintenance free and long operating life for lower overall cost of ownership
  • May be used to humidify or for balancing humidity levels.